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They are a great breed and we truly recommend them for any 4Her, too. Please see our list of information and descriptions. If you are interested in them, please contact THANKS!



About Velveteen Lops

Velveteen lops were originally  bred from English Lops and Mini Rex’s. They have long 15″ ears (Together both the ears and the crown make 15 inches) and Rex fur. They have a Mandolin (Semi-arch) shaped body type, and are 6 pound rabbits. They have the sweet English Lop personality and are great rabbits for beginners and experienced alike.

Velveteen Lops are not recognized by ARBA but they can still be shown. They can compete against themselves, but they cannot win Best in Show or any other place when shown with other rabbits, therefore they cannot win any Legs, so they cannot be a Grand Champion. Hopefully in a couple of years they will be recognized, so they will be able to win all of those things that where mentioned above, but for now, they can’t. We (Velveteen Lop Breeders) are working to make a standard, the more people who have these rabbits that are as our standard says should be (correct ear length, correct markings, correct fur, ect.) then the closer Velveteen Lops will be to being recognized.

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